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Marauding terrorist attack (MTA)

We understand the dynamic and evolving nature of terrorism and are able to develop design measures and operational procedures to assist clients in dealing with the emerging Marauding Terrorist with Firearms Attack (MTFA) threats.

Following the coordinated terrorist attacks in Paris in 2015, which featured groups of trained terrorists armed with automatic weapons, there has been heightened increase in the MTFA attack method. This attack style requires little planning, particularly when compared to that required to construct and detonate an improvised explosive device, so it remains a very real risk to society.

We are able to work with clients to develop strategies for reducing the risk of an MTFA attack and ensure that a building’s occupants are protected, or can be moved quickly away from the threat. We seek to develop ‘risk proportionate’ mitigation measures that do not overtly impinge on the everyday operation of the building and/or organisation. Ultimately the aim is to disrupt and delay an attacker long enough for the security services to respond to an incident.