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CCTV Design

Surveillance system technologies have become a proactive digital method of detection. As well as providing an effective method of visually monitoring internal and external spaces, CCTV can now seamlessly interact with other integrated security solutions such as biometric recognition, vehicular access control and visitor management systems. However, this rapid technological advancement has saturated the surveillance market with a multitude of service providers.

We have no specific allegiance to a particular product or manufacturer, allowing us to evaluate all available technology to ensure that we provide tailored solutions that meet our client’s specific needs and requirements.

Whether choosing an IP-based or analogue solution, our extensive experience within the surveillance industry has taught us that it is vital to capture and identify all operational requirements early on. This allows for the formulation of a clear and concise deployment strategy which not only identifies the client’s operational requirement, risk appetite and vulnerabilities, but also factors in the overall landscape of ownership, site specific topology, neighbouring institutions and surrounding public realm. Only when this criteria is clearly understood can appropriate product selection be identified.

Combined with an effective deployment strategy, the underlying success of a surveillance system revolves around its ability to effectively capture, process, analyse and store images. This capability can be severely affected by external factors such as camera positioning, lighting conditions, and sufficient data transmission and transport protocols to instantaneously allow for the retrieval, review and investigation of captured images.

We reduce potential risks by ensuring that a CCTV system operates to its full ability, and provides security teams with valuable tools for real-time monitoring of day-to-day operations, which contributes to the overall security of the client’s premises and employees.