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Our in-house automation utility enables our application engineers to configure building solutions in a standardised manner. Our team reviews the site designs and utilises the client’s DNA to create a standardised naming convention and security device settings, such as retention, unlock times, etc. This results in a tailored, error-free automated process.

Many clients with global portfolios experience the same issue of a lack of consistency when it comes to system configuration. With disparate teams often working out of hours to get new and upgraded systems running there is rarely time to review every element of the programming to confirm that it meets the necessary standard.

However, through our automated approach we put the power into the software, programming these standards in as “defaults” allowing the configuration to be automatically inputted, guaranteeing consistency across hardware parameters, naming conventions and system structure.

Our solutions are not only limited to new sites, but also ensure our clients can move forward with new standards. We are able to extract current system programming, to align it to the new standards and update the existing system without zero downtime which guarantees a business-as-usual approach at all times.

Our solution drastically reduces the overall programme schedule needed, on average saving 40% of time and costs.