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Forced entry protection

The modern era presents threats not just from international actors, but also from individual actors seeking to cause harm for a myriad of reasons. In light of these concerns, the importance of effective forced entry protection has never been greater. QCIC Group is at the forefront of understanding these evolving threats, offering a comprehensive approach to designing and implementing forced entry protection solutions.

Historically, forced entries were perceived as traditional break-ins with burglary as the primary intent. However, today’s landscape sees forced entries with much graver intents such as kidnappings, assaults, industrial espionage, and terror activities. These breaches may occur with little warning, leaving occupants vulnerable if preventative measures are not in place.

QCIC Group collaborates with clients to formulate strategies that not only deter forced entry attempts but also protect the building’s occupants in the event of a breach. Our goal is to ensure that infrastructures are resilient against various forced entry tactics, from simplistic break-in methods to sophisticated entry strategies.

Our approach to forced entry protection is grounded in real-world scenarios and emerging threat intelligence. We incorporate state-of-the-art materials and technology, ensuring that protective measures are seamlessly integrated into the building’s design without compromising its aesthetic or function.