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Our Run services deliver remote and cloud-hosted support that facilitates the daily running and management of our clients’ security operations, providing valuable assistance with compliance, governance, and technical specialities. Our “Follow the Sun” support model provides the assurance of unimpeded, 24/7 support to our clients globally.

Support & administration

QCIC’s support system provides regional resources in locations appropriate to our clients’ operations. At any time of the day or night, at least one of our international hubs is operational and we are able to provide a 365/24/7 support network to our clients.

Application engineering

QCIC’s application-engineering services eliminate the need for security directors/managers to manage multiple vendors for an individual project or group of projects.

From concept design through to ongoing system and application support, our teams are experienced in consulting with client stakeholders on IT-enabling works as well as system programming and commissioning.

More complex tasks such as data cleansing, data imports and exports, system auditing and client configuration can be carried out on an ad hoc basis.

Outsourcing these functions to QCIC and utilising our team’s diverse, industry-leading skill sets allows your existing personnel to focus on their everyday tasks. We enhance your existing programme and act as an extension of your in-house personnel/security management function, ensuring your assets, data and people are securely protected.


It is critical to ensure that your cloud security platform is running optimally, that cyber threats are mitigated against and that your staff’s time is optimised to focus on critical tasks rather than day to day admin and maintenance.  As cloud solutions provide greater remote accessibility QCIC are able to extend our range of global 365/24/7 virtual support and management services to our cloud based customers.

Along with the support and maintenance we can also provide applications and services that enable you to gain more actionable insights into your operations that can lead to improvements in procedures, business practice, real estate optimisation and employee well being.

our integrated APPROACH

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During our Run phase we deliver remote and cloud-hosted support that facilitates the daily running and management of our clients’ security operations.

— Alan Kent
London hub