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Cloud system administration

Moving systems into the cloud offers many benefits but to minimise the risk of compromising your data, there is a greater need to ensure that best practice and governance is in place, that cyber security policies are followed and that all upgrades and patches are carried out without delay. The management and maintenance requirements can put a strain on existing teams and staff. Workloads become unmanageable, knowledge and experience may be lacking and budgets may not stretch to an additional dedicated resource.

QCIC provides system administration support to some of the world’s largest enterprise security systems, with 24/7/365 support through our “Follow the Sun” model. The dedicated, remote QCIC technical team is spread across our strategically positioned global hubs, giving our clients’ end-users, operators, integrators and IT professionals uninterrupted access to compliance, governance and technical excellence.

Our team is instrumental in planning and executing system upgrades and patches, as well as performing pre/post security application system checks when maintenance tasks are completed on the client’s infrastructure and network. Daily, weekly and monthly checks on the condition and operation of systems are conducted, which in turn offers insight into the future upgrades and maintenance required to meet the client’s business needs.

Reporting is a critical part of our service, giving clients complete oversight of health, maintenance and support activities being conducted on their systems. This provides a governance layer that helps our clients maintain compliance with agreed design and installation standards across all regions with all system deployments.