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SABRE & Security Needs Assessments

At QCIC we offer two types of security reviews; a singular Security Needs Assessment (SNA) and a longer more continuous SABRE audit.

A Security Needs Assessment (SNA), often required under BREEAM HEA06, includes a visual screening of the site, identifies the risks and highlights appropriate security recommendations that should be undertaken. A full SABRE audit works alongside a BREEAM assessment, with similar ratings for both systems. QCIC-certified and registered assessors will work with the design team and independently assess the design, with a passing score by the QCIC assessor unlocking ONE BREEAM credit.

As the QCIC SABRE audit is a best-in-class and innovative system, BREEAM will also allow the QCIC SABRE assessment to be submitted for an innovation credit.

Therefore, utilising QCIC to undertake a SABRE assessment will unlock TWO BREEAM Credits.


Please complete the webform or contact one of our global hubs for details of either an SNA or SABRE audit.

QCIC have been instrumental in the adoption of the SABRE security standard within numerous construction projects. They have approached the assessment process professionally and communicated the benefits of adopting this approach to their clients, which has helped to further the scheme’s objectives of improving quality, consistency and value for money in the adoption of built asset security.

— Gareth Hulmes
Head of SABRE, BRE

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