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Since our inception in 2007, we’ve established a global reputation for security design delivering award-winning design solutions and partnering with some of the world’s leading architectural firms.

Our specialist advisors ensure a seamless handover from audit and review stage to guarantee that our design solutions have been thoroughly considered to deliver best-in-class operational assurance.


Counter-terrorism & protective security

QCIC is able to offer the supervision of counter-terrorism based projects by RSES qualified engineers – a flagship professional qualification sponsored by the UK National Protective Security Authority formerly CPNI & administered by the UK Institution of Civil Engineers.

With terrorism an ever-present and evolving threat, effective building protection requires a holistic approach to assessed threats and the design of appropriate countermeasures. Counter-terrorism design measures need to be proportionate to the level of risk an organisation may face.

With over 10 years of experience in explosive effects design, we are able to assist clients in developing terrorism protection requirements and implementing these measures. Our risk-based approach puts clients at the centre of their risk reduction strategy by helping to identify how much ‘residual risk’ they could accept, and how much could be reduced through protective design measures. Experience gained whilst working on numerous projects across the world allows us to help building developers integrate protection measures in a way that does not overtly impinge upon architectural goals and operational usage.

Our counter-terrorism services include:

  • Blast vulnerability assessments for new and existing buildings
  • Blast design of buildings
  • Dynamic modelling of blast effects and building response
  • Blast and ballistic design of building facades
  • Marauding gunman design
  • Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) design
  • Bomb Shelter Area (BSA) assessments

SABRE & security risk assesment

QCIC is a registered SABRE assessor and also employ multiple Suitably Qualified Security Specialists (SQSS).

Incorporating these SQSS with additional and dedicated qualified consultants, we ensure that our Security Needs Assessments and SABRE Audits continuously deliver recommendations to our clients that create the most sustainable and secure buildings possible.

A SABRE audit feeds into a buildings BREEAM assessment, with similar ratings for both.

The acceptance rating range is Acceptable, Good, Very Good, Excellent or Outstanding and is reflected on a star award on the SABRE certificate issued post-audit. A passing score for SABRE invokes one BREEAM credit.

As the SABRE audit assists BREEAM clients in targeting greater efficiencies and innovation for their buildings an extra BREEAM credit is also available.



Electronic security

QCIC are technologists with a clear focus on finding the right technical solution to meet our clients’ specific requirements.

We have a wealth of experience in designing, building and running complex global security systems.

Through our established relationships with system manufacturers, accreditation bodies and our ongoing training and development, QCIC consultants and engineers are best placed to advise on all your future electronic security requirements.

Protective security

Our extensive, specialised experience in the security industry allows us to effectively analyse all levels of threat and vulnerability.

This coupled with our innovative out-of-the-box approach to design puts us at the forefront of developing holistic, tailor-made protective design solutions for our clients across all market-sectors.

Security audit and review

Our clients often call upon us to assist with conducting audits and reviews of their existing security installations, with a view to understanding if they have the right solutions for their organisation and whether they can optimise in the future.

In addition, as QCIC’s reach is truly global, when reviewing very large enterprise security systems we can leverage of local market conditions and provide a comprehensive audit of the security systems.



There are many reasons our clients are looking to move their security applications to the cloud. It could be as part of a wider cloud-first corporate strategy,  increasing scalability, improving cybersecurity, adding more flexibility or simply building out greater remote accessibility.

Many of our customers are making the move and rely on QCIC to provide them with the knowledge, design and support during this migration.

QCIC have created a range of design services that allow organisations to move to the cloud with the right solutions, following best practices and with clear migration paths, making the transition as simple and seamless as possible.

our integrated APPROACH

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Our build solutions have been created to offer clients seamless implementation from the design phase. We partner with chosen installers to ensure the physical installations are completed to a defined standard, providing an independent governance layer throughout the process.

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Our Run services deliver remote and cloud-hosted support that facilitates the daily running and management of our client’s security operations, providing valuable assistance with compliance, governance, and technical specialities.

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The design team is committed to QCIC’s sustainability vision. Our research has surfaced energy-efficient systems and products that are manufactured from less environmentally harmful materials. All our product specifications have a leaf rating.

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