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Cloud readiness & migration

Once the decision to move to the cloud has been made there are a number of factors to consider when it comes to your existing systems, infrastructure and operations. Advertising can make the process sound simple; you purchase a hosted service, you connect your devices and away you go.

For some smaller deployments, this can certainly be the case; for most it will not be this simple. For example, does your current solution have a cloud path? If not, what happens next, what impact will it have on the infrastructure, what additional equipment will be required, how will the migration impact operators and staff and what happens with existing data that needs to be retained?

With our cloud-readiness and migration strategy services we conduct reviews into existing systems, give agnostic guidance and advice, detail any changes that need to be made or additional requirements, outline any impacts that need to be considered along with any recommendations of improvements that will ensure the success of the project.