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Command & control room design

Control rooms are the backbone of the security system and are essential in managing building security operations.

We have extensive experience in control room design, from conceptual planning through to practical implementation. We utilise a ‘top-down approach’ which takes all elements into consideration before specifying a solution that is specifically tailored to individual clients’ needs and operational requirements.

In addition to cutting-edge technology, we understand that the ‘human factor’ plays a vital role in the overall design and day-to-day operations of a control room. The combination of, and interaction between end users, security operators and management staff is the ultimate driving factor in ensuring that the control room is ‘fit for purpose’. We ensure that all ergonomic and anthropometric design criteria is considered so as to optimise the overall user experience.

By engaging with key members of the client’s security team we ensure that ambient working conditions are maintained, factoring in design considerations such as optimised temperature levels, acoustic perception, and regulated air-flow and lighting.

By combining the latest technologies with our in-depth knowledge of the sector we are able to ensure that our control room designs work effectively for the scale and complexity of the tasks they will be required to undertake, which in turn allows security operators to remain alert, leading to more attentive monitoring, quicker and more rational responses to incidents, and higher day-to-day productivity.