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Credential migrations

Whether for migration, upgrading, compliance or data protection purposes, maintaining a healthy credential database is essential. Credential migration is the process where personnel databases are cleansed and migrated into a single source in preparation for a system upgrade or replacement. Our extensive industry experience in handling complex data has resulted in QCIC being the chosen supplier for numerous projects.

We begin the process by extracting cardholder data from the security systems. This is then analysed to identify and apply cleansing criteria that aims to remove duplicate records, expired cards and dormant entries. The result is a cleansed database.

Where multiple databases require consolidating, these are merged, once cleansed, into one unified database and then further cleansed. The databases are then ready for deployment into the new systems. In some cases, migration or upgrading is not required and the process is undertaken on existing systems for the purpose of cleansing the data.

Credential migration results in a dramatic reduction of personnel records.