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our integrated APPROACH

Assuring security through automation

Our aim at QCIC is to spearhead the security industry through leading innovations. These include our in-house Design Automator software and other virtual tools that provide far greater levels of efficiency and precision.

client testimonials

The value Design Automator adds to any project is considerable. Solutions created in the software from the beginning are easily, effectively and effortlessly managed; and the usual risks on projects are significantly mitigated at a fraction of the engineering cost.

client testimonials

Working with QCIC using the Design Automator platform has lead to a complete shift in how the engineering department is looked at within our company. Previously engineering was a cost incurred to help make sure that both the Business Development and Operations could do their jobs efficiently; now we have engineering as the “star of the show” when it comes to not just the design but the implementation of systems. It has allowed us to significantly increase our annual goals without the need to increase our headcount to match, making us a better value for our clients and more profitable as a company.

— Matthew Netardus