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QCIC is an award-winning global engineering firm specialising in designing, building and running security systems. Our end-to-end support model is reinforced by in-house automation software. With more than a decade and a half of international experience, we are trusted advisors and industry experts providing innovative and tailored security solutions to our clients.

our integrated APPROACH

Design, Build, Run

Our integrated support model for security management encompasses a three-pronged approach. Our custom process uses our Design, Build, Run methodology. This was developed in-line with our clients’ needs to best service them in facilitating the daily running of their security operations.

Our service is an end-to-end delivery model which is optimised through our leading-edge Design Automator software.  It delivers greater flexibility and assurance through virtual and cloud-based solutions across our client base.


We’ve garnered a global reputation for security design, collaborating with some of the world’s leading architectural firms to deliver award-winning security design solutions for some of the world’s leading brands, organisatons and governments.

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Our build solutions have been created to offer clients seamless implementation from the design phase. We partner with chosen installers to ensure the physical installations are completed to a defined standard, providing an independent governance layer throughout the process.

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Our Run services deliver remote and cloud-hosted support that facilitates the daily running and management of our client’s security operations, providing valuable assistance with compliance, governance, and technical specialities.

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Full-service offering

We offer a 360-degree approach that encompasses all facets of the security lifecycle. This support model has the ability to service a client from audit/review phase, through to design.  It provides complete oversight during the build phase and ultimately manages the daily operations of their security systems.

This seamless delivery process is optimised at each phase through our leading-edge Design Automator software which streamlines the engineering process.

Our dedication to fully understanding the standards and culture of each client allows us to develop tailored solutions for individual security strategies, whilst our cloud and virtual administration solutions across all sectors provide greater efficiencies than ever before.