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Portfolio / Edge London Bridge, London

Edge London Bridge, London

Edge Technologies acquired 60-68 St Thomas St to build their first London-based office building. This development will add to the high-rise landscape around London bridge but will be set apart by the sustainability focus of the building design intent.

We were specifically encouraged by Edge technologies’ shared desire to implement cloud-based technology and the vision to produce quality office spaces that are designed using outstanding levels of wellbeing and sustainability.

The early stages of the project involved conversations with the local police’s counter-terrorism security advisor (CTSA) to take on board comments that would influence the building’s counter-terrorism design. We carried out several assessments to inform the design and engaged in detail coordination exercises with the project design team to produce a scheme that aligned with the design intent of the building exterior and public realm areas and answered the comments posed by the CTSA.

The approach to the internal security design is to create the ability to manage the building without implementing hard secure lines that would have an adverse effect on the welcoming nature of the development. The emphasis will be on blending security into the architectural vision to create a non-intrusive environment that is well secured.


Project Details

Gardiner & Theobald


Simten Developments


Pilbrow and Partners


London, United Kingdom



Client type:

Construction & property consultants

Development type:



Automated access control system design, Counter terrorism, Security needs assessments/SABRE assessments