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Portfolio / UK based Security Needs Assessment (SNA)

UK based Security Needs Assessment (SNA)

Argent LLP required security needs assessments (SNA) for multiple BREEAM applications on a variety of buildings and uses in the Brent Cross redevelopment. The SNA and the subsequent adoption of our recommendations for each building would contribute towards the building’s BREEAM accreditation.

Strategy/process taken during the project

To provide each SNA, QCIC’s Suitably Qualified Security Specialists identified and evaluated all site-specific security needs, gathered information to identify specific threats to each asset, identified crime generators and facilitated consultation with relevant stakeholders, such as the Police’s Designing Out Crime Officer.

A set of effective, appropriate and proportionate risk-mitigation measures directly relating to the threats for each site was presented to the client within the SNA.


SNAs for all programs were delivered prior to completion of concept design (RIBA Stage 2), in keeping with BREEAM guidance.

“We successfully delivered a variety of security needs assessments on residential, community, leisure, educational and retail properties within the Brent Cross redevelopment area.” – Ian Fowler, QCIC.