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The 2022 QCIC Art Challenge

18 May 2022 · By QCIC

As a global business, we encourage our staff to engage with their colleagues in other regions. One way that we drive this collaboration is through organising regular staff challenges. These can range from a MasterChef challenge where employees compete against one another to win the title, to a walkathon fitness challenge where staff are grouped into teams and work together to accumulate the highest step count by month-end.

Our latest staff challenge initiative was the QCIC Art Challenge. In order to service clients most efficiently no matter where in the world they are based, our offices are strategically located in Cape Town, Hong Kong, London and New York. We challenged all four hubs to showcase their artistic side by recreating on canvas these cities’ beloved landmarks. The results were stunning.

Our would-be artists came from all ends of the business to tackle the four iconic options: Cape Town’s Table Mountain, Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour, London’s Tower Bridge and New York’s Statue of Liberty. To add to the fun, there were no restrictions: everything from pencils to pastels were used and any landmark could be selected by our staff members.

Each entry was more creative than the next, demonstrating that we indeed have some budding artists within QCIC.