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Portfolio / Systems evaluation for a global services client

Systems evaluation for a global services client

QCIC was contracted to develop a plan for our global financial services client to address local and system-wide issues regarding the C.CURE 9000 Americas enterprise environment, including the Victor/VideoEdge CCTV platform.

The scope of work included a strategic plan to address an extremely high volume of alarm activity; reporting on the deficiencies of the system with regard to system naming conventions and the decommissioning and commissioning of sites, including removal of old sites from programming and programming errors; and supplying troubleshooting techniques so that the client could manage service issues more efficiently.

Enterprise level objectives included a review of server deployment and redundancy regarding the access control and CCTV environment.

Our initial report for the client also considered the need for security standards and best practice on new projects and ongoing service-related concerns.

Strategy/process taken during the project

An initial audit of the access control and CCTV Enterprise was performed by QCIC technical engineers. This created a base line of the existing design, deployment strategy, operational concerns and system issues. Due to the scale of the enterprise and the need to address a variety of issues, QCIC worked with the client’s security management team and command centre to prioritize the work to be done.

Addressing the major pain points first allowed the client to see progress in the area of greatest concern and encouraged them to continue to utilise the expertise and experience of QCIC to address other areas of their physical security environment.

QCIC assigned an on-site technical representative who continues to work closely with the client to provide solutions for our customers’ physical security concerns related to the Americas enterprise environment.


Alarm mitigation has ensured the client’s security management team can respond efficiently to real alarms and has reduced nuisance alarms. QCIC continues to work with the client towards setting standards for installations, service and programming.

This project strengthened QCIC’s position as a customer-focused solutions provider for enterprise level customers, and a partner providing expertise in all matters of physical security.