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Portfolio / SABRE: security risk and protection assessment

SABRE: security risk and protection assessment

To assess whether a facility’s in-use or new security measures are appropriate and confirm that the client’s security profile is proportionate in relation to their risk profile. 

Strategy/process taken during the project

The assessment considers whether the facility’s risks have been considered and fully factored into the design process in a proportionate way. This is established by gathering evidence pertaining to a series of detailed criteria and finally awarding the facility with a recognised level of accreditation. 


Upon completion, BRE Global audits the evidence gathered during the project and confirms the SABRE assessors’ proposed level of award. Those facilities certified by BRE Global are then listed on their website for public scrutiny. 

Additional information

Acting as the SABRE assessor, QCIC directly engaged with the design team to provide the opportunity for them to meet all available credit points and assessment criteria to maximise the potential level of the award on completion of the SABRE audit.