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Portfolio / Global access system migration of 200+ sites

Global access system migration of 200+ sites

The objective was to migrate and upgrade the client’s estate of over 200 global locations’ legacy access control equipment to C.CURE 9000 and install new iSTAR controllers. In addition, QCIC managed the upgrade of legacy NVR’s to American Dynamics VideoEdge units. All sites were connected to the regional head-end infrastructure to ensure zero impact on the sites’ day-to-day operations.

Strategy/process taken during the project

A detailed survey of each site was conducted prior to the upgrade. QCIC captured all necessary components required to design and plan the upgrade of the site’s security systems. With this information, a comprehensive upgrade design pack was created allowing all client facilities and IT pre-requisites to be planned and implemented ahead of upgrade execution. Bid documentation was sent to several vendors for each project to provide the client with quality at a competitive price for the site upgrade.

A QCIC consultant managed the integrator directly onsite and coordinated with the local stakeholders. The consultant ensured that the system was installed by the appointed vendor according to the manufacturers’ guidelines. The client’s global standards were implemented ensuring global standardisation and governance across their systems. At the end of the site migration, all as-installed and completion documentation was handed over to the client.


All sites were upgraded successfully to the new platform ahead of schedule thereby reducing the overall cost of the project. No major impact to the business’s daily operations were reported and the security operators were able to seamlessly transition from the legacy system to C.CURE 9000.

Additional information

More than 200 sites were migrated over a two-and-a-half-year period.

QCIC smart tools were used to complete the programming of all sites providing efficiency and consistency across the system deployment. Without these, the programming would not have been completed on time.

Personnel/card/clearance migration services provided for several large sites where 10 000+ personnel profiles needed to be migrated.

Many sites were able to be completed early due to the efficient project management conducted by the QCIC team.