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Portfolio / Global system administration

Global system administration

Our client, a global consulting firm, has more than 700 office locations globally, with a vast and complex security system. The security systems were harmonised onto a common platform for global consistency and centralised system management. Due to the scale and complexity of the systems, QCIC was contracted, and continues to provide global system administration support.  

Strategy/process taken during the project

QCIC provided support and technical assistance to both the end-users/operators of the systems, as well as system integrators and other IT professionals to ensure a high level of stability was sustained and any problems encountered were corrected in a timely manner. 

The team continues to be instrumental in the planning and execution of system upgrades and patches, as well as performing pre/post system checks when other maintenance tasks are completed on the client’s infrastructure and network. 

Seamless global support is achieved with our “Follow the Sun” strategy. Team members, based in our strategically placed global hubs have access to live case information and requests, and are available 24hrs a day to offer immediate support. 

Daily, weekly and monthly checks on the condition and operation of the systems are provided. These offer insight to future hardware upgrade and maintenance requirements as the systems grow with the client’s business needs. 

Team performance reporting is a critical part of our service, enabling clients to have complete oversight of the health, maintenance and support activities being conducted on their systems. This includes a governance layer for the client, which helps to maintain compliance with the agreed design and installation standards across all regions and all system deployment. 


QCIC administration support has ensured maximum up-time of systems, maintaining system health and optimal performance through frequent, controlled patches and upgrades. We continue to deliver accurate and consistent support across the client’s portfolio as their security systems platform partner.