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Portfolio / Design to destination for APAC & EMEA

Design to destination for APAC & EMEA

To overcome the inefficiencies and challenges faced in traditional VMS camera deployments, QCIC were engaged to provide an innovative and turnkey solution both in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) and North America regions.

The overall objective of our client, a leading global consulting firm, was to minimise the number of interruptions of live working sites. Equally, we set an aggressive programme – so solutions that speeded up installation and deployment were critical whilst delivering on time and within budget.

Strategy/process taken during the project

QCIC has developed a process to seamlessly automate the project from design through to the Design to destination of pre-programmed cameras.

Our Design to destination ensures that through the automation of design processing, the required security equipment arrives on-site, pre-programmed along with the necessary design documentation and without the unnecessary waste. We achieve this via our innovative automation software and selected distribution partners. The result is a simple plug-and-play deployment with significant time saved, both in the procurement process and on-site configuration.

Our designs for this project incorporated intelligent icons that held all of the required information for the equipment and pre-programing. Working in collaboration with our distribution partners, 1 500 cameras for APAC and 500 cameras in North America would be pre-programed, tested and repackaged, ready for dispatch and delivery.

The pre-programing, testing and smart-packaging of the units significantly reduced the possibility of any “dead on arrival” units and lowered freight costs and wastage, offering our client sustainability benefits.


The automation tool allowed all the required information to be populated within smart icons that were placed onto the design drawings, coupled with the central reference information specific to the project. Via this process, full documentation was supplied to our pre-configuration partners to prepare the equipment and dispatch pre-kitted and tested cameras ready for an expedient installation at the associated locations across the globe. Once the cameras were fixed and connected, we were then able to remotely and automatically configure them “over the air” by way of the automated importer tool. This removed the need for physical personnel on-site and vastly sped-up the process, delivering a higher degree of accuracy across the project.

Benefits of using Design to destination include automation of the design and documentation process, streamlined engagement with the pre-configuration/distribution partners, more detailed and environmentally friendly shipping and packing, significant reductions in labour, on-site, installation, engineering, software, freight and commissioning costs.

These benefits promise:

  • 95% recycled waste at source
  • 66% reduction in on-site activities
  • 38% reduction in total labour hours
  • 45% reduction in delivered volume

The use of the auto mini-importer versus a manual data entry method delivered a saving of 83 hours in North America and a saving of 250 hours in the APAC region.