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Portfolio / Credential review & migration

Credential review & migration

Our global financial services client embarked on a replacement of their worldwide-enterprise automated access control system. One of the key challenges was obtaining reliable and accurate cardholder data to import into the new system through a clean data transfer. Multiple independent databases required both cleansing and merging into a single source, in preparation for the system migration. QCIC’s industry experience with handling complex data resulted in our being the preferred partner for this project.

Strategy/process taken during the project

QCIC extracted cardholder data from seven independent legacy security systems. Cleansing criteria were applied to identify and remove duplicate records, expired cards and dormant entries. These cleansed databases were then merged into one global database, which was then further cleansed to remove duplicate records that existed across their estate. The result was a reduction of personnel records from approximately 130 000 on the legacy systems to 42 000 cleansed and valid records for migration. The above process was custom scripted in order to significantly reduce the execution time.

Shortly before migrations were due to start, a final extract of all the databases was carried out and cleansed using the custom scripts in preparation for the final import.


Our process ensured a seamless transition with zero impact on security operations and personnel. QCIC’s key focus was data privacy and accuracy but we nevertheless achieved a notable turnaround time.