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Portfolio / Bespoke business information reporting

Bespoke business information reporting

QCIC undertook to design and develop database reporting solutions for our global consulting client based on their needs and objectives.

Strategy/process taken during the project

We worked to retrieve data from databases and optimise SQL server queries to efficiently and quickly retrieve the data. The process also included resolving client queries or issues, developing database retrieval processes and implementing database modelling best practices for the company.

QCIC created and designed best-practice solutions that supported the business’s reporting tasks, using different programs and software, such as Microsoft Excel and SSMS to achieve this. In conjunction with maintaining the reporting processes created, we developed ways to improve how our client’s teams were operating with regard to data management.

QCIC continues to impart this knowledge via training sessions that ensure all processes and skills are maintained. We resolve IT and data issues as these arise and support requests as they come in.


The project is ongoing.

Additional information

Problem-solving is one of the key skills used in finding the source of a problem and resolving the issue. The QCIC team is renowned for its troubleshooting capabilities and finding resolutions to issues as they arise.

Our team is made up of skilled individuals with a high degree of specialised knowledge in computers and coding languages. These critical thinkers and competent multitaskers have the analytical skills to spot problems that may otherwise be overlooked.