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Portfolio / System application and maintenance

System application and maintenance

In order for our clients to stay up-to-date with the latest software features and security fixes, it is advisable to perform periodic patching to the application software. As this client’s outsourced specialist, QCIC performed application patching for their global security systems on an ongoing basis.

Strategy/process taken during the project

The first part of the process was to identify any potential enhancements to the current system, including the benefits and risks associated with the latest software and patches. Critical patches that include enhanced cyber resilience are considered of the highest priority.

To validate this, the software updates are deployed in a stage testing environment where full backward compatibility is tested and signed off for deployment in collaboration with the client. Implementation planning and coordination with key client stakeholders at this point is essential to minimise disruption and downtime to the customer’s operational security.  This phase includes a “go, no-go” milestone with comprehensive instructions for deployment, roll-back and recovery options.

This strategy allows QCIC to ensure that no unexpected obstacles occur prior to and during the implementation to the live environment.


The pre-deployment planning of the actual implementation proceeded without any problems, meaning that the customer was able to benefit from the enhancements as listed above. The delivery of this ongoing service facilitates regular system updates, ensuring the customer’s security systems are fully up-to-date and protected. Added benefits include the ability to leverage new features and options.